The Chief Executive Officer of Yelemaalba Ghana Limited, Justin Y. Kantavuuro

The Chief Executive Officer of Yelemaalba Ghana Limited, Justin Y. Kantavuuro has completed several of projects in the Dafiama-Busie-Issa District and fertilizer production is set to begin.

Message from Yelemaalba Ghana Limited

Good morning to you all for your great
support from beginning till now, we have come to almost conclusion of our extended biogas plant and all is set for good take off.
We have just started our first flaring of
methane gas to see if our biogas plant has kicked and all is set to go. We are currently doing anaerobic multiplication in the plant as
well as gas production, fertiliser production is equally taking place ,gas plant compression and subsequently gas delivery.
So I want to thank everyone who have the real love for us and have been following us all this while that we have finally made your day and may God bless you all. This is Yelevielbayire Justin Kantavooro, the C EO of Yelemaalba Ghana Limited See you in
Bongbinni where the largest extended dome shape plant in the country is being built.

Price of Fertilizer has shot up unexpectedly,  affecting farm activities like crop production in the Upper West Region,  price range for NPK currently is between Ghc450 to Ghc500 in Wa and other areas.

I also grateful to all our partners, Rainbow of
hope for children, Tamale Rotary club of Northern Ghana, Pambe Ghana the people of Bunbouzio in the North East Region of the Republic of Ghanafriends, family and especially my engineers and all my workers in the field for a wonderful corporation since the beginning till the end.

God bless you all.


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