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Assembly Member of the Fian Electoral Area in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District, Stephen Katuole, has expressed deep concern regarding the deteriorating condition of the roads linking his community to others in the area.

He said the road linking Fian and Chabaa is in its deplorable state. The bad state of the roads has affected the transportation of goods, services and people, and the Assembly Member is calling on the relevant authorities to take urgent action.

Katuole described the road situation as a nightmare, as the roads are full of potholes and are often muddy and impassable during the rainy season, causing frequent accidents.

This has made it difficult for farmers to move their produce to markets and has also affected the movement of people seeking healthcare services.

According to Katuole, the only access road to the community is in a deplorable state, which has adversely affected the livelihoods of residents.

He called on the government to fix the roads, as this would improve the economy of the area and reduce poverty.

The Assembly Member has urged the government to consider rehabilitating the roads in the area, as this would reduce the suffering of residents.

He also appealed to other stakeholders to assist in the development of the area.

Source: Info Radio

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