Group Picks Forms for DCE to Contest NPP Primaries

On 11th of July 2023,  a group calling themselves ‘Friends of Sanda’ picked nomination forms for The District Chief Executive, Mr. Nadi Imoro Sanda to contest the upcoming NPP constituency parliamentary primaries.

The group believe that per the good works of the Honourable DCE and his previous performance in the 2020 elections, he is better placed and capable of annexing the DBI seat from the NDC’s Dr. Sandaare who is being tagged by many as a ‘sleeper’ as far as development is concerned. The group believed that the primaries is the first step and therefore they’re supporting the Honourable DCE to win and go further to win the 2024 parliamentary elections.

The group numbering over 200 comprised of polling station executives, former constituency executives, women and youth groups and sympathizers from even the NDC were led by Hon. Vitus Yenge, a former Presiding Member of the DBI assembly. The group converged at Fian where the forms were being issued.

Placards could be seen with messages like, Sanda 2024, Sanda the Messiah, Sanda Yimaala, Sanda is DBI Helmet, Sanda the People’s man etc. The enthusiasm and passion and zeal among members of the group was great and amazing. They believe they represent the many who stand and crave for the development of DBI. They mentioned road construction, water, schools etc as areas DBI is witnessing massive development under the leadership of Honourable Nadi Imoro Sanda.

The group after picking the form met the Honourable DCE in his office at Issa to present the form to him. The Honourable DCE was filled with joy for the gesture and honour done him. He indicated that the form was not just for himself alone but for the many who believed in his drive for development of DBI. He promised to work even harder and never to let all who believed in him down.

Source: Daniel Gandiibu/DBI

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