Dr. Sandaare, MP For Dafiama-Busie-Issa Assessing the Road

The Member of Parliament for Daffiama-Bussie-Issa Constituency,  Dr. Sebastian Sandaare on Friday 17th June, 2022 directed an urgent question on the floor of Parliament to the Minister of Roads and Highways as to urgent steps the Ministry is taking to work on the Daffiama-Gbare Road which was badly damaged by floods in August 2021.

This follows several appeal and extension of requests to other organizations, philanthropies and NGOs to come to the aid of these communities.

This particular road served as the only major road linking the Daffiama-Bussie-lssa District
and the Jirapa Municipal. The damage to the road has halted the business transaction within the residents around the affected areas, and also transportation of sick person’s to the Jirapa Hospital for medical care since it served as a major referral center.

It is recalled that, August 2021, the entire Upper West Region was hit by a heavy rain pour cutting off many Districts and Municipalities from the regional capital, Wa. This heavy destruction made a lot of farmers lost crops and animals with Daffiama-Bussie Issa and Nadowli-Kaleo been the hard-hit Districts.

Considering the fact that we are close to the rainy season, residents maybe cut-off to the two major towns Daffiama and Jirapa to access medical care and buy food stuff.

Source: Gbangbala Abdul Mutalib



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