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The District Directorate of the Commission marked the 2033 citizenship week celebration under the theme: 30 Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy and Building National Cohesion; the Role of Ghanaian Child.
As part of the Daffiama Bussie Issa District Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) commitment to contributing to deepening citizen’s understanding of democratic values to fostering national cohesion giving the team of the celebration, sensitization events were organized at the Wogu Junior High School.

John Bonye with Students and staff of Wogu JHS

Mr. John Bonye (CFO) who lead the presentation on behalf of the NCCE charged students to uphold high moral standards. A high moral standard can lead one to succeed where ever one finds him/herself. When the moral values of the people are high, corruption and its related activities in the country will be reduced; public property will be safely guided.

Mr. John Bonye stressed that, the ability of Ghana to sustain its democratic gains depends on a disciplined citizenry exhibiting values of good governance.

Our Ghanaian values hinge on a number of guiding principles from the 1992 Constitution; which can be found in the Preamble and other articles which prescribe certain values such as love and respect for mother Ghana; promoting the prestige and good name of Ghana; respect for others opinion and living in harmony with others. These values, enshrined in the Constitution, are meant to ensure that we progress together as people.

Additional provisions in the Constitution that point to the need to allow our strong Ghanaian values to motivate our actions to exhibit patriotism and honesty are espoused in Article 41; The Duties of a Citizen as contained in Chapter 5 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. These provisions are a manifestation of our Ghanaian values in practice which is the bedrock of building a peaceful nation.
Our Ghanaian values resonate with the following:
(a) Foster the spirit of loyalty to Ghana;
(b) Promote among the people of Ghana the culture of political tolerance;
(c) Promote the prestige and good name of Ghana and respect the symbols of the nation;
(d) To uphold and defend this Constitution and the law;
(e) To foster national unity and live in harmony with others” etc.
(f) Respect the rights of others

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