The District Chief Executive for Wa West, Hon Edward Sabo Laabiir was on Friday 12th April, 2019 joined the Lobi chiefs and people of Bouna in the Buonkani Region in the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire to celebrate this year’s Djokabina festival.

Wa West DCE with other Lobis


Djokabina festival is celebrated to mark the end of the farming season each year and to show appreciation to God for His guidance and protection during the farming season.

It is also an occasion for the Lobi people across the world to renew relationships, put on display their rich culture and traditions and preserve them for future generations.

Lobi, which refers to several closely related ethnic groups including the main Lobi proper(Miiwoo),Birifor, Dagaaba,Dorossy,Dyan(Jaa),Gan,Tenbo/Loron Teese,Teguessie and Thuuna.

The District Chief Executive who led an eight member delegation into Ivory Coast was special guest of honour.

Wa West DCE at the Event

In his speech, Hon. Laabiir commended the Organisers as well as sons and daughters of Lobi in Ivory Coast for their foresight and urged them to use the platform to accelerate development in the area.

He also commended H.E Hien Philippe, President of the Buonkani Region for his able leadership over the years that led to peace and progress in the Buonkani Region.

The Djokabina festival which lasted two days, also saw representatives from the Republic of Burkina Faso well attended.

A number of speeches were made by dignitaries and other guest to grace the festival.

Djokabina festival music is produced from gyil, a fourteen key instrument xylophone with small gourds under it, kuor, a drum instrument with base made from gourd or drum (Gangaar), a small wooden drum.

The men usually dress in beautifully decorated skirts, but usually bare-chested to Demostrate their flexibility as well as their masculinity while dance. Other costumes such as headgear, rings of bell and hide around the waists and ankles and caps are worn to accentuate their rhythmic move especially the trunk or upper body. The women dress similarly to the men.END!

By: Ankaara Sankara

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