Serekpere is in a State of Mourning

Assembly Member for Goli Electoral Area Hon. Titus Mambu has Explained developments concerning a recent issue of lightning which struck four people dead in his Electoral Area.

In an interview with Upperwestmedia Team, he noted that three of the victims are closely related to him whilst one is a foreigner who deals in Scraps.

Lightning Kills 4 at Serekpere

“I was in an assembly meeting at Nadowli when a call came inn that lightning had killed people in my electoral area, I came to cross check and I realised they were four, we consulted elders and they were called upon to address the issue, I also called Police commander and he came to witness the development but because it has to do with Tradition we had to follow due process before they were buried, we all agreed that they should be buried, there was a stranger amongst them in green t-shirt, his relatives came here and witnessed the development, he deals in Scraps and he is a Zabarima, he visits the Community to buy scrap metals”.

There were inquires to know if he has knowledge about why the lightning killed four people.

“I can’t tell I have to find out”.

Four people were struck dead by lightning at Serekpere in the Nadowli-Kaleo District on 13th of July 2022.


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