No amount of hatred,dislike will drag the name of Hon. Amidu CHINNIA into smuggling of fertilizer in the region .Fighting corruption has been his hallmark and been a train educationists,he knows the repercussions of corruption.

The youth of the region commends you highly for once upon a time been da sole minister in the region.You made it publicly known to all n sundry about some missing fertilizer and again made it known when it was found.
As da saying goes,”enemies are not God”.A good man is always a good man.Again,if an ant will bite you,it is always from within”.

We know what the hon minister has done in the region and we da youth will continue to support him in prayers.The youth will seriously rally behind you to continue to fight the rot in the system.We see you as a role model in the region.The aged,the young and all upper westerners are proud to have you as the deputy regional minister.

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BIPUAH Mohammed

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