Customers of DKM
Microfinance in Bolgatanga are threatening to
hurl the Bank of Ghana to court if their
investments are not released. One of such customers who invested about
GHC 40,000 says he will be compelled to sue
the company if his funds are not released after
the 90 day moratorium which elapses
tomorrow. ‘’I invested GHC 40,000 cedis but you see
investing in these microfinance companies has
never being my thing but I was convinced by a
trusted friend who works at DKM and I did but
if finally the company is not able to refund my
money to me, I may be compelled to take legal action against them’’ Meanwhile the Bank of Ghana is yet to
officially communicate on whether or not the
monies of the customers will be released
anytime soon following a receipt of audit
findings into the company’s books.dkm

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