Athough doctors are on strike,Medical doctors
working at Tarkwa Modern Hospital are at
post. As at 1115 pm on Tuesday, when Ghana News Agency visited the Out Patient
Department (OPD) there were empty chairs
with few patients around but the doctors were
in their consulting rooms attending to sick
patients who have travelled from Tarkwa and
beyond to seek medical attention. A staff at the hospital who spoke to GNA on condition of
anonymity confirmed that there are doctors at
the specialised departments of the hospital.
However, at the old Tarkwa Government
Hospital physician assistants and nurses were
attending to patients. The doctors were at the maternity block and the other wards ensuring
that patients admitted receive quality
healthcare. A lot of people visit private health
facilities to seek healthcare during such
striking period by public sector medical doctors
but as at 9:00 pm the OPD of the Pentecost hospital was not filled with patients as it used to
be. Source: GNA

Detail of doctor's hand on stethoscope
Detail of doctor’s hand on stethoscope

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