Prof. Elias Sowley, Vice Chancellor of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University

The vice Chancellor of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University, Prof. Elias K. Sowley has has pledged his support for the idea of introducing Journalism Program in the University.

Speaking to an Alumnus of the University, he indicated there was the need for the Program in order to enhance the scope of Journalism in the Country and most especially The Northern Part of Upper West Region.

Some Alumnus Group Approached the Venerable Vice Chancellor Appealing for the Program to be introduced in the Technical University, in their proposal, they indicated that Journalist has so many technicalities aside it’s theory and needed to be introduced in the Technical University in order to shape the Media Scape and also produce more dependable Journalists for the society.

The Group added that, aside Ghana Institute of Journalism, NAFTI, AUCC, the Northern and Parts of the Southern Belt such as Bono East, Savannah Region, Bono Region, North East, Upper West, Upper East, Northern Region and Oti Region Depend on the Institute of Business Management and Journalism for Media Education.

Currently, No Public Tertiary Institution Offers Journalism Programs in the Northern Belt of the Country.

Their Proposal was recieved by Vice Chancellor who assured he was going to look into the issue.

The University Introduced Bachelor of Technology Degree, Catering in 2022.


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