A Driver within his youthful age was spotted removing three bags of sugar from a truck in Kunta.

The incident occurred late hours of 26th April 2019 when a truck loaded with sugar was parked close to a petrol shell.

Ayuss Accused of Stealing 3 Bags of Sugar from a Truck.

The owner of the goods was identified as Alhaji Baba from Jangbesigri.

The suspect was identified as Ayuss a driver who served Atakora, a business man in Wa till there was a grudge between the two.

According to eyewitnesses interviewed,
The suspect appeared from no where with a motobike and greeted them, after some time he went to a long truck loaded with bags of items, minutes later, another Honda 125 motorbike was ridden by another man to the same spot, the suspect pulled out two bag of sugar from the truck and deposited them on the Honda motorbike, he later pulled out another bag, deposited it on his motorbike and they left the scene toward the Kunta residential area.

The driver later came to realise some goods were missing and was told some young men came for them, the suspect was identified by some eyewitnesses and he was traced to his hideout.

The suspect, Ayuss is currently in police custody awaiting trail.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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