Renowned highlife musician in Upper west has called on upcoming musicians in the scope to be cautious of their Lyrical content as it degrades the value of the local brand.

Speaking to the U/W Music crew of, he suggested that some of these artistes are very smart but some sound engineers have had challenges mixing their songs well and by this has made it difficult to come out with good music well mixed.

Duada Kunateh as he is Known in the the music world talked of how lack of support has hindered the progress and development of the industry, he added that the assembly could make it a point to budget for the creative art industry which includes the music industry.

Finally, he talked of how some DJs in the music industry have lowered the standard of Upper West music by sidelining the local music for others, that attitude has done nothing to improve the industry and has not even improved your lives either so why don’t we just support and champion our music, he said.

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Dauda Kunateh has released hit songs such as sumawieba, Dunne Deme, Arijana Lorry, Habiba, Limaniye, Namwine, Nma Dogee etc.

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