A lot of things are concealed in darkness, what happens during the daytime? Exposure.

A lot of things pass by and never repeat but some keep on, the more reason why a stranger has big eyes but sees nothing. We shall start to open the eyes of people who can’t see in this region.

Over-Flirting: what are people in this region really doing to stop this absurd attitude of people?

Even married men and women flirt around either for money or pleasure, how do we reduce this preposterous description of our men, women and even our children. So hungry children could possibly flirt around to earn a living, some parents who seem not to care of their children’s welfare tend to be very happy when their children leave home and never return in the evening, why? Is it because they have single rooms that can’t accommodate the family while other sexual activities go on in the presence of the children? That’s a question for another time. Let’s try to reduce this promiscuity in our society and leave healthy. Don’t wait for anyone you can make a change.

Theft: what we hear of after each day is so horrifying, why do people steal? Is it due to idleness? Is it because they are hungry? That sounds reasonable but then sorry here in Wa, people steal because they really need money for clubbing, not just that others do it to setup expensive rooms and wear expensive clothes to flirt.  They don’t just steal money but motorbikes so be careful how you keep it, it is a treasure in here it is even appreciated than a car. And when they are caught, sent to the police station, they are bailed by top politicians. Now we ask why?  do they have a link?  Are we encouraging these guys the more? Well they have more spiritual power to do whatever they want so you just have to be careful.

Drug Abuse: Wow! Drug abuse it’s a norm here and people are proud of it, they smoke by the road even by churches and mosques who will punish them? Nobody because even the discipline body is into that and support them most often. Weed is so cheap here, so is cocaine but sorry to break this news, hmm people who abuse this drugs are below 18.

Women Marry Men: Haha funny right? But true women actually marry men here I mean rich women not just these impoverished ones so if you need a woman as a husband just run down here and I promise you on hitting a jackpot.

A woman Can Actually Supply You Sex For Just A Ride For A Day: I know you don’t understand but then if you have a luojia North haha start smiling you will surely be tired of girls here proposing to you here and there. Haha that’s so sweet but beware of gonorrhea and HIV because we only live once and after death judgment.

Women Actually Drive Than Men: I know you will ask why but then that’s because “y” has a long tail. The men actually buy them the cars and foot, some even manage with their motorbikes aww so sweet and sexy right? Haha it’s actually to show off and tell the world they are rich, there is just one secret, some of the women actually buy the cars themselves and yet the men take the name from it.

Women Tie Men: Hmm women do actually tie men, spiritually. They go to a mallam use you picture, mention your name and buy all the necessary items including cola and after which you follow them like a dog. Note: Men also do that. So if you suspect something fishy haha call a doctor.

Men Prefer To Marry A Nurse: Men in wa compete a lot and they love what majority want’s without thinking of the effects later on. When people were competing to marry fair girls some time ago all men rushed to fair girls and bleaching cream became very expensive by them. Even the dark girl in my area became fair within a week oh God. And now its nurses for health and cash who knows maybe next time it may be soldiers for security.

By Upper West Media

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