Some concern youth of the ruling New Patriotic Party in the Wa West district of the Upper West Region have sent strong signals to the District Chief Executive of the Wa West district, Hon. Edward Labiiri Sabo to desist from his poor attitude towards party functionaries and redeem the the good name of the district.
The group noted that, they were happy to get him appointed as a DCE for Wa West sometime back leading to his 100% endorsement from Assembly members without any registered agitation or demonstration, but could no longer contain his sudden change towards the youth of the party.
“The appointment of Hon. Edward Sabo Labiiri was a welcome news among we the youth of the party and to the district as a whole. This we demonstrated by ensuring that he had 100% endorsement from the assembly members and there was no registered agitation or demonstration in any quarters of the constituency over his appointment. Unfortunately, the attitude of our DCE few months into office is threatening the party’s electoral fortune and as well as a drain to the purse of the assembly”.
The group accused the DCE of abandoning his government provided bungalow at Wechiua, the district capital and drives from Wa to Wechiua every day for his office duties and drive back incurring more cost to the district Assembly. They quizzed why he chooses to sleep in the regional capital and drive from Wa to Wechiua everyday while a bungalow has been renovated currently with huge sums of money for him to lodge in.
“Wa West is one of the youngest districts of the Upper West region and is said to be the poorest district among all the districts in the three regions of the North. This therefore means that, every cedi of the district should be spent judiciously and effectively. The daily commuting of the DCE to and from Wa is drain to the people of Wa-West. This attitude demonstrates the fact that, our DCE is not having the district at heart. What prevents you from moving into your apartment after so much was spent in renovating it Hon. DCE” they questioned.
The DCE is again alleged of disrespecting and neglecting party executives and grassroot making access to him by party stalwarts whenever the need arises very difficult.
They added that, Hon. Sabo has assumed the position of a thin god and wants party faithfuls and constituents to worship him. They further noted that, party functionaries are maltreated whenever they trace the DCE to his office.
“The DCE has assumed the position of a thin god and wants to be worship. Stopping just to greet or even wave at some youth camps in some communities along the main route to the constituency is a problem. It is the collective efforts of we the youth and other youth groups in other constituencies that brought the party into power for you to be appointed as a DCE. Aside this, party supporters who will make efforts to visit him at his office are often poorly attended to and badly treated”
The concern youth of NPP revealed that the actions and inactions of the DCE has nipped in the mud, the good name of the district ridiculing it in the public domain with negative media reportage.
“We the youth of Wa-West are tired of the embarrassing negative media reportage of the constituency in the public domain. We have other DCEs in other districts but we hardly hear some of this negative reportage from their districts. As for Wa-West, if not fertilizer smuggling/missing issue it will be illegal connection at the DCE bungalow. These things don’t speak well of us as a district and himself as a DCE”.
Meanwhile, the concern youth in the Wa West constituency has given the DCE an ultimatum of one week to park into his official bungalow at the district capital or incur their wrath. These accusations came to bare yesterday November 15, 2018 in a press statement issued by the group copied to Radio Waa 92.1FM.
However, the District Chief Executive is yet to respond to the press statement written and signed on behalf of the NPP youth by the Secretary, Emmanuel Salia who also doubles as the former Wa West constituency Secretary of the New Patriotic Party.

By:Saeed Fatawu

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