We should have known the relevance of toll booths by now to know why upperwestmedia.net thinks we should have at least two in upper west.
Northern region to our knowledge has at least 3 toll booths one at Bamboi another after the Yapei Bridge and finally one at Sawla, could there be a possible reason why we should have a toll booth at sawla instead of
Being situated at Nyoli in Wa West.
That toll booth in Sawla has deprived Upper west of some business opportunities that would have been prone to the people of Wa West. Bamboi has become a business hub for trade and business productively due to the toll booth situated near it.
Let’s look at the one closed to Yapei, what sought of businesses don’t we see there? Are toll booths for specific regions? What criteria was used to Determine that?
Imagine if we had one in Nyoli a border between upper west and northern region, not withstanding what we’ll pay through them, our roads would be maintained from those monies, that would employ some youth directly, some other traders would use toll booths as a source of income indirectly, Thereby reducing the burden on the government for jobs and also generating revenue for the government.
Based on upperwestmedia.net survey we noticed that due to the previous merger of the two upper regions there couldn’t have been a booth between Tumu and chuchuliga road in Upper East, Now we are sure we need a toll booth in that area or Possibly Hamile for some revenue to be generated for the purpose of road maintenance and employment either directly or indirectly.

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