Foreigners Coming Into Wa Amidst fear of Coronavirus Spread


Good afternoon Good people of Upper West Region;

As a concern citizen and a youth activist, i had love to take some few minutes of your precious time and talk about COVID-19 and its issues in our region as is paramount to everyone of us.

To start with;
We’re all aware of the panic movement of our brothers and sisters into the region following the announcement of a possible lockdown of the capital and Kumasi effective Tomorrow Monday throughout the next two weeks subject to review.

And as it is, the only measure taken by authorities from our region is not anything to have faith and confidence in;

The health screening team at piisi and UDS bus stops to help identify people likely to be Covid-19 patients, to be honest and sincere with you, what they’re doing there can not help matters at all, most of the eqeitpment they’re using are not in good shape and function, they are old ones that they have claimed to have been repaired for this activities. The possibility of inconsistent results with regards to even temperatures is high. Hence not reliable.

I can confidently say that the health professionals at these very points are absolutely busy doing nothing there, and is more like our Regional Minister and other authorities in charged just want to score cheap political points. But my worry is the high numbers of people that are coming in from the other already affected Regions expercially those from Accra and kumasi.

Please, this is a serious issue that leadership have to look at, and that’s why we’re putting it here and I believe many others have drawn their attention to this problem.

Please everybody should try to protect yourself in your own way than thinking that there’s something in place which can help us as a Region.

For the cases recorded here, and the inconsistencies in the story, we will talk of it later. But the Regional Minister and Regional Health Director should be up and doing. You’re not 76years I believe and should not be sleeping for that matter.

Am very worried that, the inconsistencies form those who supposed to manage and give accurate information about the suspected cases mentioned in the region has brought about speculations, creating more fear and panic to the extent that the over load of Wa is compelled to issue a disclaimer with regards to the said speculations.

To conclude;
If authorities in charged could find answers to the question below, it will help the General public especially natives of the Upper West Region;

1. How many suspected cases was it or is it?
2. How many have tested positive in the region?
3. What means of transport do they use to get into the region?
4. Have there been any contact tracing so far?
5. How many contact persons have been found and what’s their situation?
6. Are some people under quarantine? Personal or in an isolation centre?
7. What’s government contribution so far to the region towards the fight against the deadly disease?

Mr. Regional Minister Dr. Hafis Bin-Salih, over to you Sir!
Thank you!

A. Walid Jnr ~uwr

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