An emergency operation is currently being performed on the student candidate of Kanton Senior High School who was attacked brutally and left with knife wounds early this morning.

A mobile phone he was using has been taken away after stabbing him.
The Arts student who was stabbed twice on the chest area and the back cannot speak as eyewitness says it happened around 5:30am just adjacent to the Virtue Clinic.
“I saw some one wailing and struggling but I was far away so when I got to the scene,the attacker run away passing through the gardens on valley between Nyaminjang and quarters, the student was on the ground helplessly struggling with wounds so we hurriedly took him with support of others to the hospital, eye witnesses told the Police.
The victim according to Tumu hospital sources says he has been taken to the theater for an emergency operation.
The Senior House Master of the school Mr.Mumuni Yahaya tells RadfordFM the Police have visited the scene of the attack and spoken with some individuals currently assisting with investigations.
School authorities says the victim left the school dawn this morning with handbag containing some personal effects suggesting he was traveling but had not been permitted with an exeat and could not tell where he had the mobile phone from.
It has also emerge from our gatherings that the Police are looking for the one who took away part of the broken knife and a sim card left at the scene the of the crime whilst the victim was being carried to the hospital and the subsequent report to the Police.
In a latest development, RadfordFM has just gathered from the Tumu hospital after the initial report that the victim has now spoken and says he was going to Virtue Clinic to have a boil around his armpit examined when an unknown person chased him from the back ,rushed on him and stabbed him until he fell unconscious,”


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  1. This is so disheartening and i think the watchmen ar e supposed to be up and doing in their duties to prevent some of these heartbreaking news in that prestigeous establishment…

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