Flights in Wa: I opted Against the Idea of Flying Thrice in a Week

Wa Airport

Leader of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih has indicated that, PassionAir Line was proposing to go three times in a week but he kicked against the idea.

in an interview Granted by Radio Upper West’s Seyidou Bhomanjo on the 18th of July 2022, the Regional Minister explained that the Company met with him in a close door meeting demanding to fly three times in a week due to high demand for tickets, he(Dr. Bin Salih) opted for 7 times daily instead of three times in a week because it may at a point affect the processes of passion Air if they aren’t able to get the required numbers.

“They came to me demanding to go three times in a week but I opted for 7days in a week, they wanted to load twice a day to make it 6times in a week but I proposed that they load once a day, to make it 7 times in a week, if that doesn’t happen they may not get the number required as time goes on, this can affect their business resulting in the company leaving the region”.

He added that the companyy has commended Upper West due to the patronage of flights.
“I was told the people of Wa do patronize their works, The region is one place that travels via flight increasing their revenue mobilization”.

He concluded that funerals have Engineered the patronage of flight tickets.


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