Dr Cynthia Bogee presenting the puppy to the captain of the Frafraha team

The Frafra community maintained their status as champions of the annual Frafra-Dagaaba unity games on Saturday when they beat the Dagaabas 4-3 to lift the prized trophy of a puppy at the 24th edition of the games at the El-wakSports Stadium in Accra.

The games under the theme: “24 years of enduring friendship, the springboard for promoting peace in Ghana” saw both sides parade male and female teams for the games including soccer, volleyball, tug-of-peace and sack race.

In the Men’s soccer, the Dagaabas defeated the Frafras 3 -2, however, the Frafra women proved too strong for their Dagaaba counterparts as they outclassed them to win 4-0 .

In the volleyball men’s competition, the Frafras emerged victorious whilst the women’s event was won by the Dagaaba’s.

The men’s sack race event witnessed the Frafras beating the Dagaabas whilst the Dagaabas returned the favour in the women’s event, triumphing over their counterparts.

With the games at a deadlock, the tug-of-peace proved decisive as the Frafras pulled viciously to emerge consecutive winners of the games.

Apart from the games, there were also displays of the rich cultural dances of both groups to the amusement of the teeming fans from both groups that filled the venue to cheer their teams on.

Special Guest, Minister of Interior, Mr Ambrose Dery called for the end of violence in the northern part of the country.

He encouraged both groups to be ambassadors of peace as their harmonious relationship was an example to be emulated by other ethnic groups across the country.

Dr Cynthia Bogee lauded the impact of the games over the years, and urged that the games be replicated in the regions.

Mr Simon Adatare, on his part, tasked the planning committee to expand the games to include other ethnic groups from the north for next year’s silver jubilee celebrations.

By: Ghanaian Times

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