Fuel Prices High in Wa

Prices of fuel on February 1st dropped by 3% as stated by the Institute for Energy Security (IES).

This has brought down prices at the pumps around the country with the exception of Wa Municipality.
Prices were purged at Ghc5.4 at all shell stations within Wa and its surroundings before the reduction influenced by the sudden appreciation of the cedi from Ghc5.6 to a dollar to Ghc5.3 to a dollar which was a marginal appreciation.

Fuel prices have reduced nationally from Ghc5.4 to Ghc5.2 per liter as estimated by the Bulk oil distribution company.

Many within Wa have questioned why during reductions shell stations delay in order to amass wealth whilst in the case of price hikes they quickly review pump prices without waiting to travel again. They described the act as kleptocracy on the part of some shell managers in the town calling for the Ghana Standards authority and the necessary institutions to come into the fettle.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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