Naa Prof. Edmund Delle at an Occasion(In Gold Smock)

The Paramount Chief of Nandom Traditional Area Naa Professor Edmund Delle Has Placed a Ban on Secular Music Eating At Funeral Grounds and has also Limited Funeral Activities to twenty four hours in his traditional area.

There was a radio Discussion on the development, 18th February 2023 with  some Royal Team Members including Naa Demepeeh Gyereh I , Ko Naa, Mr. Clemdnet Nonwaah, Gengenkpe Tengansob and Mr. Naakpi Beyuo Poffien Tengasob.

The Subchiefs, Divisional Chiefs and Tendamba were given a directive to enforce the 11 sets of By-Laws outlined below with condition that, failure to enforce them effective 1st April 2023 will result in the Paramount Chief Sanctioning the Divisional Chiefs involved in Sabotaging the process.

1. Naa Demepeeh Gyereh I – Ko Na
2. Mr. Clemdnet Nomwaah Gengenkpe Tengansob
3. Mr Naakpi Beyuo – Puffien Tengasob
Message:- Naa Prof. Edmund Nminyem Delle Chiir VII Paramount Chief of the Nandom
Traditional Area, has sent us to give this message; That,
Before he became Nandom Naa, the Chiefs and Tengandem had passed a bye-law on funeral
performance in the Nandom Traditional Area as follows:-
1. When we remove our corpses from the Nandom Mortuary, we are to mourn for one day
2. The hospital is to release corpses from the mortuary from 4am each day, not earlier than
3. Burial should not be later than 4pm that day.
4. You can mourn your love one immediately he/She dies without sending the corpse to the
mortuary, Bury as and when the grave is ready but not more than 24hours of mourning.
5. No eating nor drinking (take away and beer) at the funeral grounds. If you have to eat and
drink, do so away from the funeral grounds.
6. No sale of Akpeteshie or drinking of akpeteshie at the funeral grounds
7. No playing of Western music (dance) during the funeral
8. Do not announce your funeral preference to take more than one day
9. You can provide water and pito to your sympathizers during funeral
10. You can sell cakes and meat at a good distance from the funeral grounds
11. Do not get drunk during funerals
12. Inform relations resident outside Nandom about this bye-law.
13. Chiefs/Tendandem are to ensure that their people carry -out this bye-law which takes effect
from the 1″ April, 2023.
14. Chiefs/Tengandem are to sanction recalcitrant person who may default.
15. The paramount Chief will sanction Chiefs/Tengandem if they compromise this bye-law.


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