Regional Instructor for Both UCC and Winneba Distance Centers in Upper West, has thrown a caution to UCEP Consult, an alleged extra classes medium abusing the name of UCC and Winneba for their own personal interests,

he referred to the said extra classes as fake and suggested that any individual who has paid money or is intending to do so is doing it at his or her own risk,

“There is no such thing like UCC/Winneba mature outside of our learning centers, you only attend mature classes after you have purchased a form at either commercial Bank or Agric Bank at a cost of Ghc300, you have to go to the portal of the institution you selected to apply as mature before you’ll have the opportunity to attend the classes in Late March and not Beginning of January, the classes are organized for two weeks only and is organized by authorities in the various institutions, not UCEP Consult so be warned, we don’t assure people of admissions as its speculated and you don’t pay extra monies for classes so be warned.” He Cautioned.

UCC Winneba Posters

The School’s authorities added that they will soon get the police involved to go after perpetuators of the blackmail by UCEP Consult.

By: UCC and Winneba Centers
Call: 024 422 3020/054 158 3748

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