AMINU SULEMANI upper westThe Education system of Ghana has made changes on it’s ways of promoting workers especially  teachers in GHANA.

This happened when teachers attended a workshop on Monday 25th July 2016.

This is going to take effect from next academic year, September 2016. Teachers who were appointed as “pupil teachers” will have to undergo training in December and should be fully equipped by 2020 in order to be fit into the professional category,  starting from September 2016, no new unprofessional teacher will be employed into the teaching field:

New Promotion Tittles:

Career Levels:

  1. Beginning Teacher.
  2. Junior Teacher
  3. Senior Teacher
  4. Principal Teacher
  5. Senior Principal Teacher
  6. Junior Director
  7. Senior Director
  8. Principal Director

All positions above shall be awarded to individuals who achieves a target he/she proposed and if not achieved shall be demoted application shall be done for promotion after every three(3) years and worker should have acquired skills and a certificate in Information Technology.

Source:  Upper West Media/Ghana.


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