GhanaguyzTV license is something the parliament has just imposed on Ghanaians ,how is it going to affect celebrities and TV views in general? Or you think its okay?
“Well ,the Parliament is there purposely because of us so if they are implementing any license law or policy ,who am I to disagree but then what are the educative programs and shows we as citizens and non citizens will be benefiting from and come to think of it why license all of a sudden in this wild economy? With a devalued currency ,I think they should work on their economic crisis first before insisting for license,they want to squeeze every penny off Ghanaians,Why?”
So Are You By This Saying it’s waste of Time And Resources?
“Yes! It is actually a waste of time and resources,meanwhile what are they doing with the government they benefit from? They post so many adverts and pastors preaching and yet claim no money,that’s nonsense…”
Source: Upper West Media.

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