The sad issue of sex being used as a tool to achieve heights in our society today is shameful. Competence is no longer the case and people relax especially women knowing the hotel room will do the talking.

Mr. Tuorimuo has come out to condemn the act and refers to it as shameful and a form of blackmail to men.

“Our men are gradually losing it, these women know the profit in just 5 minutes of sex, oh what a shame where are our morals?, we go to church and others to the mosque claiming to follow the word of God and yet we fornicate like there is no God, we even see pride in it, Women have now made sex a tool for daily income visiting spiritualists to make them appealing in bed, some enhance the buttocks and breast with creams forgetting cancer will soon disgrace them into their graves, our men are shamefully investing in sex and what is more disturbing is that these girls don’t use the money sensibly, they use those monies to bleach, buy Brazilian hair of some dead bodies in Brazil, eat junk foods, abuse drugs all in the name of maintaining their shape, that’s why we have so many kidney related health cases around us, hmm their kidneys will soon talk to them if they don’t stop; Our men even neglect their family responsibilities because of some selfish girlfriends. To our men, some have a choice others are taken on spiritual adventures by women just to get something they need from you so be careful with these ladies some are not humans, once you sleep with them your success keeps dropping. If you can’t stop learn to masturbate; if you think it’s wrong let me remind you, it’s same as using condom during sex, also try to stick to your partner if you have one if he/she goes behind you cheating advice yourself and leave the relationship don’t become an option in a relationship because of material gains its worse than being a prostitute. One funny thing those women do is that if their demand is going down they begin to write stories online like ‘have more sex reduces prostate cancer’ haha isn’t that funny? so that men would come..’ He said.

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Mr. Tuorimuo is an Entrepreneur and a researcher into social issues.


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