President Mahama said, “It is not true that there is a freeze on public employment.” Rather, he said that open license for anybody [government agencies] to employ is what has been taken away. He said government agencies now need to apply for permission to employ in areas where strategically government believes that employment must take place. “We are still employing in strategic areas where we think we need manpower. In the areas where we don’t need, yes we are not employing, so that is the main reason. We are still employing doctors, we are still employing teachers and nurses and so if they say there was a freeze on employment it is not true,” President Mahama said. Explaining, he said about 73 percent of taxes was used to pay salaries of about 600,000 people in the public sector and that from 2013, government has reduced the use of taxes to pay revenues from 73 percent to 49 percent of tax revenue.

Source: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/Upper West Media.

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