From the view of optimistic People of Wa East Constituency in Upper West concerning the recent elections of 7th December 2016, Provisional results proves that Mr. Godfrey Bayong Tangu of the NPP has captured the seat from the incumbent NDCs Amin Salifu who was overthrown in the constituency primaries of Wa East  after the constituents claimed he had embarrassed them in parliament being unable to express himself. This brought inn Mr. Seidu Daanaa who defeated Amin Salifu in the primaries.

The two new contestants, Godfrey Tangu of NPP and Seidu Daanaa of NDC had to battle it out in the just ended elections, the outcome turned out in favor of NPP’s Tangu against the disabled Daanaa due to some reasons.

  1. With our general survey carried out, people complained of Daanaa being selfish and not helping people financially which saw him fall in Wa East.
  2. Tangu as claimed by the constituents is helpful and supports people although he doesn’t contribute regularly in parliament.
  3. Amin Salifu who is the incumbent has painted the party black with the perception people have of him and the NDC after his was unable to deliver accurate communicative skills in parliament this has made people in Wa East to be displeased about the NDC and wanted a change of party if not a leader no matter what.

Credit: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

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