We all know Wa Central has always been a strong hold of the NDC since 1992 when M.A Seidu was a member of parliament for Wa District by then till it becomes a municipal in 2006. In 2004 Rashid Pelpuo won the Parliamentary primaries of NDC. He contested with the main opposition party NPP by then which had Lawyer Clement Eledi as the Parliamentary Aspirant. Mr. Pelpuo won the elections later in 2008 with Eledi as the parliamentary aspirant again.

In 2012, Rashid Pelpuo had the opportunity once more in the NDC but this time with Mr. Issahaku  Tahiru of The NPP which he won again in Wa central convincingly.

Now in 2016 the battle was now between 3 strong party Aspirants of NDC, NPP and PPP which had Rashid Pelpuo, Mr. Issahaku Tahiru and James Sohwinye. This was a though race.

One problem in Wa central that affected the results is Religious affiliations which people of Wa central have much concern in.

People vote based on whether one is an Ahmadiyya, Orthodox or Christian. This even affected the NDC’s primaries where Dr. Rashid Pelpuo was said to have insulted  Ahmadiyya muslims which saw them react against his leadership gradually. This 2016 election saw a huge depreciation in the NDC’s support as The NPP polls close to it which has for long not been the case, the PPP gained more votes in the Parliamentary which brought a marginal change in the results of both the NDC and NPP’s results. The current results are yet to be approved by the NPP.

Credit: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/Upperwestmedia.net

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