A young girl who was said to have visited Maxisco Gardens in Wa with her male friend on the 8th of August 2015 at around 11:00pm were chased by police officers on duty on the kambali road in the upper west region, Wa when the rider of the bike missed his way due to pressure and juggle into a bridge full of water, abreast “Odo Washing Bay”. The police were said to have left immediately after the incident without stopping to cross check what had happened to the said victims.
The Boy who was in control of the bike was able to swim out without being able to rescue the girl who later drowned and lost her life in the water. Policemen who arrived at the scene to sort things out made a comment as follows “ Leave Her In The Water For Some days,That Way She Will Surface On The Water For us to be able to find the body”. This Annoyed the individuals since they knew very well the police were the caurse of the problem, they stoned and humiliated the policemen, broke their vehicle windscreen, they left the scene without any intervention.
She was later burried in a garden near the water by some group of individuals after one kaleo-naa was called from Zongo to retrieve the body.
She(The Victim is said to be a student of Nandom Vocational School(N.V.S) who came on holidays to Wa to stay with her mother who sells bread in Zongo, She is from Takpo-Naayiri In The Nadowli West District Of Upper West Region. To be continued……….


Source: Upper West Media.

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