A young man and his girlfriend believed to be in their mid twenties were shot by an unidentified gunmen on their return from a popular entertainment spot known as Queens Valley. The two were targeted by the gunmen who monitored their movement and fired live bullets at them upon reaching the entrance of their house.
I’d entitiesonly as Fahad, the young man was shot on his left leg whilst the lady, known as Juli, received two live bullets, one on her leg and another around her abdomen. The two lover birds were reportedly monitored by the the gunmen who tracked them around 3:00 am on Sunday, December 3, 2017.
According to the lady (Juli) who spoke to Sungmaale FM flagship program Bon-gara ( what is trending) the two gunmen were using a Honda motor bike, one wearing white heavy jacket, but said she could not identify any one of them. With the wounded lady left on the ground wailing, the gunmen chased Fahad, who managed to escape with serious injury on his left leg.
The suspect are currently at large and the motive of the shooting is yet unknow. However, nothing was taken away from them. The two love birds are currently at the Wa regional hospital receiving treatment.


Credit: Sungmaale FM

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