Three suspects of whom two are of fulani extraction are currently being held by the Gwollu police after engaging in shoot out with a police patrol team will be paraded for identification on Monday, ASP Guy Raymond has told Ultimate news.The police are therefore calling on the public to assist in identifying the three who are said to be terrorising residents in Sissala West District.The two suspects of Fulani origin Yaro Addo and Mumuni Diallo were seen around 2am near Fielmuo one of the towns in the area with an unregistered Haojin motor bike.When the patrol team stopped them they attempted speeding away but a mound on a farmland hindered their movement and they were arrested.                                                                                                          A third person opened fire on the patrol team which forced the police to return same. After a chase they abandoned the motorcycle but was overpowered by the patrol team who arrested them. Empty AK 47 Rifle shells were found on them.The police further added that investigations are still on going and will not draw any conclusions but will ask the general public to come over to identify them.ASP Guy Raymond maintains he cannot tell if they had anything to do with stealing in Gwollu the district capital.

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