Chapuri Assembly Member, Hon. Joseph Viele (Far Right)

A Zonal Council Chairman of Hain Who Doubles as Assembly Member for Chapuri Electoral Area, Hon. Viele Joseph has revealed that Three Assembly men of the Hain Zonal Council Rejected a Benevolent Donation of Gh₵200 to Some Past Assembly Members.

According to Mr. Viele, the Past Assembly Members were not Payed any Ex Gracia by the Jirapa Municipal Assembly after their Tenure of Office Expired, this according to him triggered the Hain Area Council to Offer a Tune of Gh₵200 to each of the Assembly Members involved but the Amount which was tagged as insignificant and was rejected by the assembly members involved including Hon. Karim Kuuri, Amos and Joseph.

Throwing More light on the Issue, the Assembly Member who doubles as Zonal Chairman for Hain Admitted the Amount was paultry adding that per the Standing orders of Jirapa Municipal Assembly, an Assembly Member is entitled to Ghc1,000 after his 4-year tenure of office Expires.

“…in actual fact the assembly men had every right to reject that penny because it was too small, the amount is something that is so insulting, excuse my language, the issue is, it isn’t that Gh₵200 is what they are supposed to pick, in actual fact the standing order, per the constitution or from Central government, Assembly Members at the end of their four years Period, they are supposed to be given something, a token to show an appreciation that is their ex Gracia, as at that time the Assembly wasn’t having the financial musles to give them that amount which is Gh₵1,000 so they were relying on the Zonal Councils to also Support and so we had a meeting and the people said we should give them Gh₵200 Each, so they said they weren’t going to pick Gh₵200 because its small, we accepted that in good faith and channeled it into other Developmental issues.”

Chiefs and Elders of Hain


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