Second Burkina Terror Suspect

Another Burkinabe has been arrested in the Upper West region, as Ghana raises its terror alert.
Tengen Dunor was arrested Wednesday in Hamille, Ghana’s border town with Burkina Faso following a tip-off.

The man in his 30’s was armed with a locally manufactured pistol and had “several rounds of ammunition”, JoyNews Upper West regional correspondent, Rafiq Salam reported.
He made the “unlawful entry” to buy alcohol, the journalist has gathered. The suspect is in police custody in the regional capital, Wa and is expected to be flown to Accra, the country’s capital.

Dunor becomes the second Burkinabe arrested within the past four days after another armed man, Tibila Desire Biligo was picked up inside a Catholic Church.

Catholic churches have been bearing the brunt of terror attacks in recent years in Burkina Faso, a country where Christians make up about 40% of the population. At least 14 people, including a Catholic priest, were killed in three separate attacks last month alone.
The attacks have been blamed on Islamist militants based in neighboring Mali.

Ghanaian authorities are tightening security at its border due to the development in that country.
the Africa Center for Security and Intelligence Studies (ACSIS), claimed a Salafi-Jihadist group based in Burkina Faso could be targeting Ghana. A security alert on May 9 and obtained by from
According to the alert, the group has been moving in and out of Ghana through the border with Burkina Faso over the past four months.

There has since been a discernible influx of security personnel along Ghana’s borders. The military has launched ‘Operation conquer fist’ in a move to strengthen Ghana’s response to potential threats.
Brigadier-General Francis Ofori has visited the region and has been interacting with troops.
He has also met with leaders in the Catholic church where the first suspect was arrested.
Security forces have urged Ghanaians to report any suspicious activity in their vicinities.

By: Rafiq Salam

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