The Harmattan has begun and several people are begining to see signs in their immediate environment, some notable areas including grasses drying up in several parts of Upper West Region.

These are Significant steps we should take to keep healthy during the harmattan or dry season.

Firstly, Let’s Clean our Sealing and Standing Fans Regularly during this season, our fans will have dust settling on them depending on where we reside, these particles of dust circulate in your room when you turn on the fan and can result in influenza and headache when you sleep under it, people with asthma are exposed to more danger.

Secondly, Create fire belts around your farms, people will soon begin burning the bushes to clear them or hunt for game, these practices can destroy several things in our farms without a fire belts, we can also harvest our produce before it’s late.

Thirdly, Wear Nose Masks during long journeys, the air we breath lately is Dusty and too much of it inhaled on high speed whilst using a Motorbike for a longer time may result in influenza and headaches, lets protect ourselves.

Fourthly, Get your Shea butter ready and close to your bedside, let’s Patronize the Services of those hardworking women in the market, let’s buy from them and apply that natural butter on our bodies. Let’s increase the value of Shea butter over charcoal, that way we can Save the Shea trees.

Shea trees can survive for as long as 200 Years According to some researchers.

Source: Upper West Media App

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