Following responds by one of the renounced businessmen in Wa, Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip who is an expert in motorbike purchases has said it is sad people have been deceived and persuaded to buy Houjue motorbikes at Ghc4,000.
“The price is no where closed to that amount I challenge anyone who opposes my opinion to come up with Ghc2,600 and I will call for a new one to be brought to you, don’t be deceived by some of the Bawku Boys who are out to suck us dry, at first it was Honda 125 they inflated to almost Ghc5,000 yet they don’t even last as compared with haojin, I bet anyone to cough out Ghc2500 and I will present to you a new Honda motorbike, even flatscreen televisions I recently bought one 24square as low as 300 cedis yet it is sold at 600 cedis in Wa, I have come to expose rots in wa business don’t be deceived by any liar consult me if you have any problems”.
He ended by saying upper west had the highest inflation recently because of some of these, he made his number available to be contacted for any enquires.
Mr Tuorimuo is Businessman and researcher into social issues.
Call/WhatsApp him on 0208779192/0247296865


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