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As a young Region carved out of Upper Region in 1983, it’s expected that we live our ways moderately for the sake of the investment and opportunities we seek or need from investors, visitors and inhabitants.

The cost of rent has ballooned in Several districts in Upper West With a few job opportunities, industries and companies, how does this pull investment and opportunities to a growing region.

District capitals like Nadowli and Wa have recorded the worse statistics making them unfriendly places to stay and start a business. Due to this, most workers in Nadowli prefer staying outside the town in order to afford their rent, this has compelled several people including service personnel to seek release and transfers from the town to nearby districts including Jirapa Municipal which is one of the fast growing towns due to their friendly cost of living and rents.

Nadowli has become horrendous to business according to inhabitants because one can’t even afford to rent a shop due to the inflated cost and as for a room forget it. A resident confirmed that to get a single room in Nadowli one has to hold not less than Ghc500 and with no market, industries or businesses in the town how is one expected to raise such an amount in a growing town like Nadowli, he quizzed.

To talk of Wa Municipality, one has to hold not less than Ghc2,000 to be able to get a house with these compositions (Hall,bedroom and bathroom enclosed) for a year, most of these landlords demand two to three years advance meaning one has to cough up Ghc4,000 at a time for housing alone in a town without Industries, estates, companies and also with the low intake of Tertiary students which they target, how is one expected to rent in the town, this has compelled more public sector workers including Police Officers in Wa to seek a release out of the region due to the cost of rent and living in the town.
It can be recalled that quite a number of police officers have taken transfers out of the region without stating a reason, rent was one of their reasons and we know how that will affect the state of our security.

What goes around comes around.

Statistics for Rent in Wa Municipality

1.Self contain with One Bedroom, Toilet and Bath(Bamahu) – Ghc3,500 per year and Should be paid in Two years advance.

2. Self Contain with One Bedroom,Toilet and Bath(Wa-Sombo, Wonnuo) – Ghc2,800 and should be paid 2years in Advance

3. Self Contain With one Bedroom, Toilet and Bath(Mangu, Kumbiehi, Wa Poly, Charia) – Ghc 2,000 per/year

4. Two Bedrooms, Kitchen, Toilet and Bath(Low Demand) – Ghc 3,500 per year.

5.Three Bedrooms, Kitchen, Toilet and Bath(Low Demand) – Ghc 3,800 Per Year

6. Four Bedrooms, Yard, Garage, Kitchen, Toilet and Bathroom, with Master Toilet (Low Demand) – Ghc12,000

7. Single Room – Ghc600(Kambali, Mangu, Wonnuo, Kumbiehi)

8. Single Room – Ghc 1,200(Bamahu)

9. Single Room – Ghc 800(Poly Road)

10. Single Room – 800(Wa-Sombo)


Shop- Ghc1,000(Kambali, Charia Rd, Upland Stretch, New Kpaguri Road)

Shop – Ghc 3,000(Dodoo Street, JJ Rawlings High street)

Shop – Ghc 2000(Bamahu)

Shop – Ghc 800(Mangu, Choko, Kumbiehi)

Rent In Other Districts

Nandom: Average

Single Room:
Ghc 350/year

Self Contain

Shop – Ghc 400/year


Single Room – Ghc400

Shop – Ghc 500

Self Contain – Ghc 1,000


Shop – Ghc 400

Single Room – Ghc 350

Self Contain – Ghc 1000


Single Room – Ghc 500

Shop – Ghc 700

Self Contain – Ghc 1,500


Single Room – Ghc 300

Shop – Ghc 350

Self Contain – Ghc 900


Single Room – Ghc 400

Self Contain – Ghc 1,000

Shop – Ghc 500


Single Room – Ghc 400

Shop – Ghc 600

Self Contain – Ghc 1000


Single Room – Ghc 300

Shop – Ghc 300

Self Contain – Ghc 800


Single Room – Ghc 350

Shop – Ghc 400

Self Contain – Ghc 800

The cost of Rent determines who stays to invest in your town and who leaves your town, it also determines what those leaving will say to others trying to come.

Natives alone can’t build a town you need the help of others.

Rent determines the cost of services and goods in the town as most business owners have no permanent residents, this means their profit will determine whether they can still rent and eat or not, this compels them to increase prices of items making life hell for people in that vicinity.

Some UDS Students Interviewed Stated rent as the reason for their advocacy for others not to offer courses in Upper West adding that their rent was more than their fees making it abnormal. It was hell to raise fees to talk of Room rent, humanity has been thrown to the dogs, Akwesi Boateng, a final year IDS student stated.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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  1. Rent is indeed killing as here in the upper west region
    Mean while we’re the poorest region among all

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