Much as it’s of concern to you, it’s of concern to us also, let’s fight it together with collective ideas.

Motorbike theft has been a social problem making victims lose a lot and waste a lot of resources in replacement, productivity becomes affected, if one has to travel to his/her workplace regularly, replacement takes time.

Thieves do not only monitor you but get information of your loopholes through close raiders and partners.

When do thieves steal bikes?

This is to make you alert to avert unnecessary victimization.

  1. When it rains: rain makes people lose concentration and this is exactly what thieves want, when focus and concentration is lost you think of yourself at that moment and not others you only regain your selfless thoughts when rains stop and you want to go somewhere then you notice your bike is gone without any form of alarm. When they operate in the rain you hardly hear the sound and the more it rains the less likely it is for you to come out and observe security situations..
  2. Festive Seasons (Easter,Iddul-fitr,Christmas, Kakube, Dumba, Parigbiele,  Wulaa etc.) This is the time people are in need of money to celebrate and flex that includes thieves who need to satisfy their over demanding girlfriends, you should be very watchful within those periods and be careful where you go to because these boys can attack you in isolated areas and force you to hand it over if they think you are extra careful, roam within range and make sure within festive seasons you are extra vigilant, they desperately need money and would steal anything to get money for parties and fashion not excluding drugs, they don’t care if you lose your life in the line.
  3. Events Season(Meetings, Music Shows, Workshops, Lectures, School etc) When attending events and shows use a tricycle there, if you are not assured of security else you would come out of the program later and find out your bike is missing, there are spies at such events who take advantage of your trails.
  4. When Predictable: Don’t be predictable. We mean, don’t let people know when you are in town, where you go at a particular time, when you sleep etc this makes it easy to rob you because one can easily determine when you wouldn’t be alert to take you on. Never brag of being vigilant it can cause you a lot.

How they steal you.

This is to help you be alert and know how to take your steps.

People beg to use your bike often, when people beg for your motorbike often, make sure you know them well, they go and take the shape of your key and later go for an extract to steal yours with time, not all friends want you to be ahead of them, they would reduce your status to theirs if they can that makes them more comfortable around you.  To help yourself, anytime you are going to a group of friends who beg for your bike often, just leave it at home. If they walked there also walk there or take a dropping to be on a safer side, that way your motorbike wouldn’t be available to be begged for.

Secondly, make sure your fuel level is always low, that would discourage people from begging for it as some are not willing to buy fuel.

To steal your bike, they observe you to see if you womanize and if yes!, they set a trap on you, they let a woman monitor you or even beg for your bike, she can send it away and later claim it has been stolen and since you’ve been having sex with her you forgo it or swallow the pain. Also she maybe on the street as a spy, you come across her and think it’s a cheap commodity you’ve had so you send her home have sex and after, fall asleep then she gives her criminal gang an alert, they come over and she opens your door for them to park away your belongings including your motorbike and she returns to sleep as if nothing happened. The next day you both wake up to the shock, can you blame her? Then later she’s gone and you return to square one. Be careful with people you meet for the first time, some are thieves; others demons and few with STD’s you can contract.

  1. They are given a tip off by friends of family members who envy your success but can’t attack you personally, they are notified on the time you sleep or go out and then these thieves capitalize on that to steal your bike and after, Mr. Middle man takes their percentage.
  2. Spiritual Methods are part of it; some of these robbers are fortified spiritually and can unlock your padlocks with some recitations so sometimes you just have to pray over it. They can still rob you if you are spiritually weak.

Some of these stolen bikes are dismantled and sold in pieces, let’s blame some of our motorbike mechanics for condoning these criminals, besides it would be appropriate to report mechanics who sell slightly used motorbike parts to you in the name of dealing in them how do they come by them? A question for another time.

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One thought on “How and When Your Motorbike Gets Stolen[Article]

  1. in fact,all of what you have said is really true,i have stayed in Wa for only 3 years during my schooling days at unique amass. i’m from Tamale but i stay at kumasi where i had my basic school education,it was in the year 2014 i had admission at amass , and to be honest, a man i was staying with, last went to a da’awuah at limanyiri on one sunday evening, after the da’awuah , the man came out and found his motorbike stolen , a motor he bought infront of me just in 2015 got lost in 2017. and i could also remember that, just the following day after my arrival in wa, a guy was leanched just by our house, according to witness , the guy leanched was one of 3 armed-robbers who after collecting monies and a mobile phone from a girl who was on a motorbike last-night,2 of them run-away while he was still thretening the girl to collect the motor while the girl was screeming for help, the angry youth who heared her rushed to scene and leanched him to death at the spot around Dokpong.The guy was even,just a jhs graduate

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