Private Schools in Upper West are Growing

Several private schools have been established in the Upper West Region lately, some have attributed it to the fact that basic schools in the Upper West Region aren’t well equipped by government to meet the requirements of most parents in the middle income earning class.

To be a parent of a private school student in Upper West Region can be challenging due to the requirements, though public schools have skilled staff and can be great, lots of parents aren’t willing to assist public schools when the need arises, the government is making matters worse by restricting the P.T.A initiative that is helping schools,I don’t blame government much, Government can say it but it’s up to the over 350,000 Public sector workers to insist on what is right, Government is against Corruption yet some Institutions are into it. If government is Against P.T.A and examinations that will help students, why can’t parents and teachers resist oppressors rule?, The fear of victimization maybe one factor but that betrayer within can be worse off.

Parent should be willing to release money to help their children in public schools, there shouldn’t be a reason the parent Should ask their child to walk to a Public school whilst same parent picks his ward enrolled in a private School on a motorbike or in a car to motivate them. Test them equally.

Upper West Region has over 30 Private schools in Wa alone, not sure if they are all Accredited by the Ghana Education Service, we’ll check in that Later. Public Relations Officers of Ghana Education Service Including the Regional Officer, Mr. Justin Kpan is leaving a stone unturned, why don’t they release performance of Basic Schools after BECE to the Public? This is putting credibility of public schools on the line.

Private Schools have produced lots of standard human resources just like the public schools. The least a private school charges in Wa is Ghc200 a term without feeding and transportation, this also excludes school uniforms. The highest a school private charges in Wa is Ghc1,200 a term. Schools like Ancilla were charging nothing less than Ghc500 a term without Transport and Feeding.

Most of these schools have not less than 200 Students enrolled, the higher you go, the lower the fees. Some parents send their wards to Public Junior High Schools when they are done with Basic 6.

Most Private Schools in Wa Can make  up to Ghc70,000 a Term, which is in a period of 3 months. Some of these schools have at most 7 teachers and some of these teachers handle more than a class, these teachers sometimes are paid at least Ghc350 depending on the school, this means if 7 teachers are paid Ghc400 a month in a private school, in 3 months, the teacher will be paid Ghc1,200. This also means that the school will spend Ghc8,400 on Salaries with a profit of Ghc61,600 going to the owner of the school.

Some bigger Schools in Wa make at least Ghc200,000 in Three Months.


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