Apart from Fridah and other farmers, scientists have already confirmed the effectiveness of using ash and chilli powder to control the fall armyworms in maize. The method is better than the use of chemicals in controlling the pest including the fall armyworms.

Fall Army Worms

Here is how other farmers can do it:
• Buy ripe chilli powder (pepper) from the market or prepare your own using ripe pepper.
• Dry the pepper and make powder by either grinding or pounding, remove the big particles and leave the fine powder.
• Sieve cold wood ash from the fireplace.
• Get 1 tin gorogoro (2kg tin or plastic) of ash.
• Mix 1 gorogoro of wood ash with 5 teaspoonfuls of chilli powder.
• Mix the chilli and woods properly by shaking them in a container.
• Put the mixture in a used pesticide container that has small holes.
• Apply the mixture from the container by shaking it once into each plant funnel.
For good results, apply the mixture immediately you see the worms in the maize and repeat the same if you notice any pests in the maize or pest damage to your crop.
Note: In the case of severe infestation, farmers can use the ash and pepper mix other biopesticides to control the fall armyworm.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

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