Songtress, Nana Yaa Thomas has been working with Kojo Antwi for seventeen years and counting. On quite a number of albums of the legendary musician, and also during concerts, Yaa lends her powerful voice as a backing vocalist. In an interview with Loving GH, the daughter of highlife legend, Pat Thomas disclosed she was introduced to Antwi by her ex manager. “I’ve been working with Kojo since 1998. I met him through my ex-manager, my late manager and we’ve been working together. He has an album coming out so I’m going to be on there.” She disagrees with opinions that the Music Man hasn’t helped regards the growth of her career. “That has nothing to do with Kojo, if anything Kojo has helped. He has given me a lot of platform to showcase my talent. I think that has been amazing.” She mentioned Wiyaala as her favourite female musician. “Personally I will go for Wiyaala. I think she is an amazing singer. And I think she is doing well, right team and right management behind her she will go a long way.

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