Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament and MP for Nadowli West, Alban Bagbin, has thrown his heart into the ring to lead the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), insisting he is the most qualified than those rumored to be considering contesting the position.
Former President John Mahama and Joshua Alabi have so far shown signs of contesting for the party’s position when the nomination is finally opened. Former President Mahama, who lost in the 2016 elections, is nurturing the thoughts of a comeback, though he has not publicly said so. But close aides of his are already moving from the various constituencies to inform party members as to why he remains the most credible candidate to lead the party.
But his candidature is, however, likely to suffer a setback because most party supporters blame him for the party’s loss-claiming he refused to listen to advice from senior party members and sentiments from the public to deal with the mounting corruption, and arrogance that took a firm grip over the government.
Mr. Bagbin, who was in Wa over the weekend, said the entire party leadership will take a decision as to who will lead them but so far as things stand, he is the most competent and qualified to lead the party..
He said there is none who compares to his leadership and mentioned his more than a decade in parliament, where both President Nana Akufo-Addo and John Mahama once served, as the major card that sways in his favour.
“My good friend Nana Addo is aware (because) from 1997 to 2000 the committee –constitutional and legal-showed his mettle,” he said. “I was the chair and if my ranking is president today, who says the chair cannot be president.”
Touching on the party’s lost and how his advice was ignored, he said he lost friends as a result of his consistent red flags he raised for the Mahama led the administration to be careful about how they conducted their affairs.

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