The Deputy Minister-Designate for the Upper West region,  Amidu Chinnia Issahaku has promised to work with everyone in the region no matter the person’s creed  or political group.

He said he will not only work  for his party but will work for all people who are from different political fields to better the lives of the people in the region than focus on only his party which undermines national cohesion and development.

” I think the new role the president of the republic is assigning me is a national role and therefore if am approved by this house, I have a responsibility to work with stakeholders to ensure that the Upper West region is developed”, he disclosed.

Taking his turn before parliament’s vetting committee this week, he also promised to work with all Members of Parliament (MPs) from the area irrespective of which political party they stood for or represent insisting “I will work with all MPs irrespective of their party affiliation and other stakeholders. The most important thing is to ensure that the Upper West region is developed and when is developed under the NPP, I am sure by the next election the NPP will become the majority in parliament in the Upper West region”

He also added that when approved by parliament he will liaise with the Regional Minister to support the police service in the region to organize in -service training seminars to help combat armed robbery in the region said to be assuming an alarming proportion.

Mr. Amidu Chinnia Issahaku also observed that the main occupation of the people in the region is agriculture but the region only utilizes one single rainy season that lasts less than three months and therefore will work closely with the minister to make recommendations on some crops that can be developed in the region

“As an agriculturalist I will want to suggest to my Regional Minister that we can make certain recommendations on some other crops that can be developed in the Upper West region.


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