Bernard Mornah

The National Chairman of the Peoples National Convention(PNC) Bernard Mornah has revealed that he’s a proud Catholic but his love is too big to be shared with only one woman hence his multiple wives.

According to him, he has three wives whom he loves and cherishes equally.
He said due to the fact that he has several wives, he’s decided to stay away from taking the Holy Communion according to the dictates of his church.

“I’m polygamous, I have three wives. I’m a Catholic, the Catholic Church if you decide to break their rules in terms of marriage and you marry more than one they can decide to stop you from taking communion and other things but they don’t ex-communicate you. I don’t take communion because I have three wives,” Bernard Mornah told Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Starr Chat.

In the Catholic Church, polygamists may not receive the Eucharist, and polygamists who wish to be baptized must abandon the practice first. However, some other Christian churches take a different approach.

There are numerous examples of polygamy among close followers, devotees, and the faithful to God in the Old Testament, but it is generally not accepted by most contemporary Christians, though other Christian groups permit the practice.

By: Kasapa FM

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