Chairman of the People’s NationalConvention (PNC), Bernard Mornahsays he is ready to give up hischairmanship position for thegreater unification of the Nkrumahistparties.According to him, the amalgamationof smaller parties has worked incountries like Zambia, Kenya, andrecently the Gambia, hence the needfor smaller parties in Ghana toprovide a united front to end thedominance of NDC and NPP.                                                                                                   There is an ongoing discussion withthe Progressive Peoples Party(PPP), Convention Peoples Party(CPP) and the People’s NationalConvention Party (PNC) to mergeinto a single, stronger third forcepolitical party in Ghana’s politics.Several reports about the merger ofthe Nkrumahist parties over theyears have failed. The CPP and PNCfor instance failed to merge in therun-up to the 2016 General Election.                                                                                                          Speaking to Henry Agbai on theGold Power Drive, Mr. BernardMornah attributed the inability of thesmaller parties to merge over theyears to the “egos” of the leaders ofthe parties.“It is about the personality whoshould lead the party and whoshould not and I think we have todeal with that if we want to cometogether. I think we are seriousabout mobilizing like-minded peopleso that we have a united front,” heimplored.He assured: “I will do everythingpossible to support includingrelinquishing my chairmanshipposition to get the merger come toreality.”

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