The impeachment processes of the MCE for the Jirapa Municipal Assembly of the Upper West Region took a dramatic on Wednesday May 2, 2018.

One of the original 18 Assembly Members who signed a letter requesting the PM to call a Special Meeting to impeach the MCE, pulled out.

Anacetus Bayor, the Hon Assembly Member for Tampala Electoral Area where the MCE’s mother comes from, allegedly wrote a letter to the MCE apologizing for joining his colleagues to impeach the MCE.

But in an audio that has gone viral on social media, the Hon. Member for Tampala said immense pressure was mounted on him and he had to withdraw or lose his seat in next year’s Assembly elections.


It would be recalled that 18 elected Assembly Members of Jirapa Municipal Assembly requested a special meeting of the Assembly to impeach the MCE for corruption, abuse of office and mismanagement of the Assembly’s resources.


The MCE awarded a contract for the renovation of her bungalow on 29th June,2017 at the sum of almost GHC 250,000.00

On 25th September, 2017 the Assembly’s 2018 budget was presented to the Assembly Members for approval to be implemented in 2018. The renovation was an item in that budget.

The Assembly Members walked out of the Assembly meeting in protest against the contract sum which they regarded as being too high. At that time, the Assembly Members were not told that the contract had already been awarded.

On 21st December 2017, the MCE addressed the Assembly during a meeting. In her address at page 4, she indicated that the renovation contract had been awarded on 29/06/17 and that the contractor had already finished the work and over GHC140,000.00 part payment had been made out of the Assembly’s 2017 Common Fund.

The MCE also personally took one of the Assembly’s pick up vehicles for servicing at a cost of GHC 7850.00 at a time when the Assembly needed only GHC 2000.00 to pay a mechanic in Kumasi and take another one of the Assembly’s pick ups which was sent to Kumasi for repairs.

The MCE has offered to refund some of these monies to the Assembly to avoid being impeached but the Assembly Members have rejected the offer, insisting that she must go.

The MCE has told some Assembly Members that she could work without Assembly members. She is said to have recently visited some electoral areas where she urged voters to replace their Assembly Members in next year’s Assembly elections.

Meanwhile there is growing public support in Jirapa for the impeachment of the MCE.

By: Fidelis Dauri Awonodomo

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