Pastor Akpors was preaching
was preaching on the SIN OF LIES When boko haram entered the church.
They asked the ushers to close every
door and windows so that
nobody can escape.
They counted the number of worshippers
and they were 150. They told them they would only kill 100 out of the 150
members but in an alphabetical order of
names, starting with the pastors. They
approached the senior pastor (in person
of Pastor Akpors) and
asked: What is your name, Pastor?
My name is Zakpors Zumukoroko
They asked the wife too and she said
Pastor Mrs Zrukewe Zumukoroko
The next pastor quickly said Zebedee
Zaccheus, The third pastor said Zemmanuel
They approached the elders. The first
one said Zarepath Zolomon.
The next one said Zolade Zomorin.
The next one said Zetunji Zolusegun Zesther, Zimilehin.
They approached the choir and the first
chorister out of fear
pointed to the organist and said his name
is Abraham Ahmadu.
The Organist screamed, he is a liar o. My name is Zabraham Zahmadu.

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