An investigation team from Accra has arrived in Kaleo Senior High to investigate current occurrences in the school.

The Team made up of 50 people was allegedly organized to cross check issues relating to a sports program held in the school where monies were about to go into wrong hands, the meals were prepared by a matron who could not sign and make entering for monies to be released for final disbursement. This brought misunderstanding and the head mistress was reported to the Head office in in Accra by some staff who wrote petitions against the headmistress.

The Headmistress Patricia was also reported for withholding Laptops of Students Donated by people including the incumbent  Nadowli-Kaleo  Mp, Alban S.K Bagbina and attempting to connive with the P.T.A chairman James Wↄↄ to spend monies of the Association which met the resistance of their Accountant, Mr.  Joe.

The Team Will be spending up to a week in the school.


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