Communicator and member of the National Democratic Congress, Yakubu Jendaw has come out wild on Member of Parliament for Wa East Constituency, Godfrey Tangu. He referred to him as unconcerned and self-centered.

‘Why didn’t the framers of the law make it possible to pass a vote of no confidence on an MP. With my lay knowledge I have gone through the constitution and could not find any such thing. We want to change our MP before his tenure expires. How possible? We may not care whether it becomes an NPP seat or an NDC seat afterwards. The NPP MP for Wa EAST can best fit a joker made a senior prefect in a village school. Don’t we deserve better? Come on! Ten plastic chairs for each community after you won and fled the constituency for almost two years? Mr. Tangu we didn’t vote for you just because of plastic chairs. What an insult to our intelligence! You smartly went and procured a V8 landcruiser vehicle but can’t smartly fix our problems?
The youth of Wa East must rise to the task and encourage our people to reject these plastic chairs. We aren’t that poor as he thinks.
What happens to the roads you boasted u will fix during the elections? I’m not surprised because you were even made a roads minister under President Kuffuor and u pride yourself of tarring 2km of road in the constituency. What happens to the communities without schools, the communities without electricity? Are you giving us plastic chairs in their place? You must learn to think outside the box as your constituents are doing.
Why do you want to look petty? Mr. Tangu you are unsmart, too dull, unproductive and a useless MP and we are angry with you. Just as u changed from a patrol to a V8, change your ways of doing things.’

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