Abedi Ayew Pele

Abedi Pele is one of Ghana’s most Celebrated athletes, he has scored several goals for Ghana winning  tittles for the country.

Though Abedi Pele wasn’t able to take Ghana to the world stage, his two sons Jordan and Dede Ayew have been Able to feature for Ghana in several world cup tournaments.

His Son Dede Ayew Won the Under 20 World cup for Ghana as a captain in Egypt with the Support of several others including Sammy Adjei.

Abedi Pelle is from Nania in the Upper East Region formerly Upper Region in 1982. He Co founded Nania stars to groom young and aspiring young footballers in his Community.

Nania is close to Pages in the Upper East Region of Ghana, before the Upper East Region was created separately, Residents of Nania moved from Sissala East to the Community for Hunting and Subsistence Farming, as a result most of the settlers who moved from Areas close to Gwosi in Sissala East moved Northwards and Settled close to Paga.

The village Nania where the slave camp is located is very close to the town of Paga which is the district capital of the Kassena Nankana west district of Ghana. Pikworo Slave Camp was Transit Centre for chained Africans.

The Pikworo Slave camp was founded in 1704 and is located in Paga Nania, about 3 kilometers west of Paga in the Upper East Region of Ghana

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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